EPSIAE 2013 , Birmingham City University, April 2nd - April 12th

Welcome to the home page of the EPSIAE programme.

The programme aim is to make students aware of the necessity for more sustainable ICT and to confront them with different aspects to resolve the problems of energy and materials waste in ICT. Viewpoint is, that ICT solutions would benefit from:

The students will perform a 3-phased project, focussing on improving the sustainability of an organizational unit involved with ICT:

More detail will be provided in the "Program" section of this website

After its first year in 2010, the program was applied for funding by the European Erasmus program again in 2011 and 2012.

Funding regards the mobility costs to create a co-operation between the 6 co-operating European Universities.


After the year 2013, EU's subsidizing will stop. As the participants keep believing in the importance to educate our students (your future employees?) to keep sustainability in view, suggestions and of course contributions for keeping EPSIAE alive are highly appreciated.

Yo can refer to Ernst Mak of the Inholland University, author and technical coordinator of EPSIAE,

ernst.mak @ inholland.nl




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